Project Description

  • Premium quality Ceramic HydroShield Polymer Blend formula with Si-O Technology.  UV protection. User-friendly.
  • Cleaning agents capturing dirt and delivering a streak-free and non-abrasive clean Shine (extra lubricity)
  • No water is needed, and it is great for touch-ups or on-the-go detailing.
  • Highly lubricated, scratch-free formula
  • Easy to use and fast results
Rain X Ceramix Waterless 2 in 1 Car Wash and Rain Repellent

Rain-X® Waterless 2in1 Car Wash & Rain Repellent -PRO Range

Save on your water bill and wash your car anywhere and at any time.

Wash & Rain Repellent is an easy solution that cleans and protects cars.

This spray-on, wipe-off car wash has been designed to clean your car while giving it a protective Ceramic shield coating.


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Tech Documents

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