Project Description

  • Repels liquids for easier cleanup and stain prevention
  • For fabric and carpet
  • Lasts for weeks!
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Rain-X® Upholstery Repeal Guard

Protect vehicle upholstery, fabrics and carpet with Rain‑X® Upholstery Repel Guard. This liquid repellent coating prevents future spills from absorbing into the fabric for easier cleanup and stain prevention. The durable coating lasts for weeks and will help keep your interior upholstery, fabric and carpet looking great.

Product features

Applies a liquid repellent coating to upholstery fabrics and carpet

Durable, long lasting formula protects against liquids for easy clean up and stain prevention

No heavy fumes

Available in an easy-to-use
500ml spray bottle

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Usage instructions

Do not use on suede, leather, silk, velvet or clear plastic. For other fabrics, test on a hidden area prior to use. If color or texture is affected, do not use.

Shake well before use

Clean surface

Spray directly onto the fabric surface

Allow at least 12 hours to dry

Reapply after every cleaning to maintain protection


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In Action

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Tech Documents

Download the Material safety data sheet (MSDS) specifications


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