Project Description

  • Reduces interior fogging and removes smoke residue
  • Fits in glove compartment, door panel or under seat
  • Also work great on bathroom mirrors!
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Rain-X® Anti Fog

Rain‑X® Anti-Fog prevents interior fogging before the problem begins. It is designed to eliminate interior condensation caused by wet weather, high humidity levels or temperature changes. The new and improved formula provides increased anti-fogging protection and works well even under high humidity conditions. This makes it ideal to reduce steaming in bathroom mirrors as well as interior automotive glass.

Product features

Reduces interior fogging and removes smoke residue

For use on automotive and marine interior glass and mirrors

The 12oz and 3.5oz liquid Interior Glass Anti-Fog products also work great on bathroom mirrors!

Available in 12oz, 3.5oz and 10-count Glass Cleaner with Anti-Fog wipes, individually sealed for on-the-go convenience.

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Usage instructions

Apply a small amount of Rain‑X® Anti-Fog to a paper towel or 100% cotton cloth

Wipe across surface to be treated

Allow to dry

Re-apply as needed to maintain fog-free condition

If any haze appears due to excess application, sprinkle with water and wipe with a dry cloth or paper towel until clear


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In Action

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Tech Documents

Download the Material safety data sheet (MSDS) specifications


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