Project Description

  • Ideal for screens and interior plastic surfaces
  • Compatible with Touch Screens, LCD – TFT, LED and Plasma
  • Outstanding cleaning and finish results

Rain-X® Dashboard Cleaner 200ml + Microfiber

Specifically developed for dashboards including LED, LCD and Plasma Touch Screens. Also suitable for cell phones, tablets and laptops.
Krafft’s new dashboard cleaner, developed with advanced formulation for latest technologies, allows cleaning of most sensitive surfaces of new generation vehicles. Ideal for screens and interior plastic surfaces, keeps vehicle inside in perfect conditions. Includes a microfiber cloth that facilitates a soft and delicate application of the product, achieving outstanding cleaning and finish results.

Product features

Compatible with Touch Screens

Keeps vehicle inside in perfect conditions

Available in KIT 200 ml
Liquid + Microfiber

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Usage instructions

Spray the product on to the micfrofiber cloth

In the screens avoid using the product when the surface is warm and check there is no abrasive surfaces on the dashboard.

Use the microfiber in the pack. Recomend to use one side of the microfiber for the plastic parts of the dashboard and the other side for the screens.

Apply in temperatures above 40 degrees F.


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Tech Documents

Download the Material safety data sheet (MSDS) specifications


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