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50 years of service

Outsmart the elements

For 50 years, Rain-X® has provided drivers with products to help them outsmart the elements. Designed to help keep our customers one step ahead of the road.

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Rain Repellent

Discover the #1 selling product in USA

Experience the magic of Rain-X Rain Repellent Treatment – the secret to crystal-clear, water-repellent car windows. Say goodbye to a blurry windscreen and hello to a safer, clearer drive!

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Rain-X - Rain Repellent
Ceramix Range

Brand new ceramic technology

Join the automotive revolution with Rain-X®’s breakthrough ceramic technology. Our advanced ceramic formulations create an invisible shield that repels rain, sleet, and snow, providing unmatched clarity and protection for your car.

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Rain-X - Brand new ceramic technology

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What are the Benefits of Ceramic Technology for Your Car?

Unveiling the Magic of Ceramic Coating: Picture this: you’re cruising down the highway, wind in your hair (or through your sunroof, for the more sensible drivers among us), when suddenly, a bird decides to express its artistic talents on your pristine paintwork. Enter ceramic coating, the superhero of car protection, here to save the day! Ceramic coating is like a magical force field for your car, shielding it from all manner of environmental evils. Think of it as your car’s […]

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